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  • SPF Roofing Systemsheader-img-roofing

    Spray polyurethane foam is often used for commercial roofing (and some flat-roofed residential roofing) because of its energy performance and durability. SPF roofing systems have been around for a long time, but because of a recent focus on energy-efficient building and an increase in code requirements, it is leading the pack in sustainable roofing system options. Unlike some traditional roofing systems, once installed it requires very low maintenance, and its thermal properties stand the test of time.

  • Health and Safetyheader-img-spray-foam-environment

    Spray foam insulation, or SPF, has been used regularly in both residential and commercial buildings since the 1970s, so we now have more than thirty years of performance data and scientific testing to analyze when determining the health and safety of this material. As a result, experts agree spray foam is safe and chemically inert if it is:

  • Why SPF Insulation is the Future of American Buildingheader-img-american-building

    Spray polyurethane foam insulation—SPF insulation, or simply “spray foam”—is one of the most stable, versatile, valuable, and energy efficient materials in the world of building.