How to Choose a Manufacturer / Contractor

The SPF industry is changing rapidly. What was began by a few pioneering firms in the 1960s and 70s has grown to include more than 30 manufacturers of spray foam insulation today.

That growth is both good and bad for the architect and builder. You now have more choices, but you also must do more thorough research into the brands and their manufacturers to choose the right SPF product for your job.

All manufacturers are not alike. Some focus on open cell foams with lower R-value and used mainly in residential building. While others manufacture a full range of SPF insulations for residential, commercial, agricultural, geotechnical, and roofing uses. Some manufacturers have been around for a long while, and have many years of experience with foam, others are relatively new, some are best known as manufacturers of legacy insulations and now sell SPF alongside their other insulation types, some are purists and manufacture only SPF insulation. Some have internal certification programs and cultivate best practices among their applicators, others don’t and rely on outside organizations to provide training and certifications. Some sell to suppliers who then sell to applicators, others sell directly to applicators believing they best control their product’s use by knowing their customer.

Choosing the right manufacturer has never been more crucial to the US building industry. The products that go into your buildings say a lot about your work. You want products you can trust made by a company you can trust. By reviewing the information found here on you have the information you need to find the manufacturer that fits your needs.

  • Choose a Manufacturer

    As demand for spray foam insulation grows, so does supply. There are new SPF manufacturers popping up every year, including non-US-based companies. Even some companies who once competed with SPF suppliers by selling other forms of insulation have updated their business models and gotten into the spray foam insulation market. Everyone wants a piece of the energy efficient, builder and resident-friendly material known as spray foam.With more competition comes a wider range of quality and a deeper selection, so it’s imperative for architects, builders, general contractors, homeowners, and building owners to do their homework before choosing a brand. Each manufacturer formulates their brands/products differently, thus each brand is different than that of another company. They have different attributes, different R-values, different qualifications, certifications and ICC reviews, and different customer reviews/reputations. Bottom line is, some are better than others, and the same goes for manufacturers.
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  • Choose an Applicator

    The trade contractor who applies your spray foam must be an experienced, diligent professional well-versed not just in general spray foam application but adept at applying the particular brand of spray foam you’ve chosen. For this reason it’s often prudent to select an applicator affiliated with the manufacturer you chose. Different formulations of spray foam insulation require different application techniques and cure times, and abiding by the specific instructions that go along with each formulation is what guarantees the safety and successful curing of the product. Remember, spray foam is safe when applied correctly by an experienced professional.Here are some of the questions to ask when interviewing potential spray foam applicators:
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