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Premium Manufacturer Sponsors receive the following:

Enhanced company profile page

  • Space to fully describe your company and products/brands
  • Company logo and URL link to your company website
  • Expanded company content library where you may post unlimited content (photos, white papers, brochures, videos, etc.) for use by potential customers.
  • Full photo gallery with space to post up to 30 photos
  • Exclusive sponsorship of one (or more) educational and/or informational resources. You may choose from our library of content, or you may add a resource to our library*. This content can be labeled one of two ways: if the content meets our editorial guidelines, and is not company/brand specific, it will be added to the general library of content. If, however, it does mention the manufacturers name and brand(s), it will be labeled “written/provided by sponsor” to let the reader know the article/video is created and marketed by your company.
  • Your sponsorship will include your company name and logo on each page of the resource and a link to your company profile page.
  • Enhanced analytics of the content you sponsor and your company profile page.

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$708 per month if paid in monthly installments REGISTER NOW
Additional articles may be sponsored for $1,200 per article.
*Payments are auto credit card charges